We love connecting baking and folk art.

Both celebrate creativity, bring people together, and are full of tradition and soul. Because of that, we turn our Immaculate Baking packages into galleries and promise to use only wholesome ingredients for goodies you can feel great about!

Click images below to learn more about the some of the art in the Immaculate Baking folk art collection.

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What is Folk Art?

You could say folk art is simple. Or “primitive,” “naïve,” even “childlike.” But when you look deeper — beyond its decorative, sometimes bright colors; crude renderings; or scrap-heap, recycled materials — you see it is really a raw, natural form of self-expression unencumbered by preconceived notions of what “art” should be. Folk artists are not motivated by profit or critical acclaim, but are driven to create by some internal need to tell a story, bring a creature to life, explore an insistent dream or memory. They are modest, often impoverished, but share the common desire to live an authentic life.

As Scott says, folk art “…is the exposed soul of the artists and their passionate stories of life.”

Why is Folk Art Important to Immaculate?

As much as the quality of our baked goods, our relationship with American Folk Art is the symbolic cornerstone of Immaculate Baking Company. We not only love the images, but deeply respect the integrity of the self-taught artists who create them. Why? Because like our approach to baking, folk art is the very definition of handmade: simple, pure, and from the heart. We’ve seen first-hand how these individuals’ vision, dedication, sincerity and modesty permeate not only their paintings but their personalities, as well.

Simple. Pure. Natural. Real. Sincere. Modest. Visionary. These are the timeless, admirable qualities folk art embodies, and we emulate them as best we can.